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Who is to take Entebbe Mayoral Seat


Jan 25, 2021
Tallying of the results for Entebbe mayoral race and councilors, began in high spirits as preliminary results of the the four top contestants remain in a tight range. The voting exercise started at 11a.m due to the early morning rains. However, the turn-up was bigger compared to the recently concluded elections for district chairpersons and councilors.
Provisional results put DP’s Vincent Kayanja (who is also the incumbent mayor), in a tight race with NRM’s Micheal Mutebi Nyamayalwo. NUP’s Olive Nassuna and Fabrice Rurinda are trailing very closely whereas ANT’s Kenneth Simbwa and Mohammed Kawuma (ind) can start cheering the rest.
While casting his vote at Busambaga polling station, Vincent Kayanja, decried the alleged army disruption of the voting process in Entebbe municipality.
Vincent Kayanja the incumbent mayor Entebbe municipality while casting his vote at Busambaga polling station in Entebbe municipality
“In areas such as Banga-Nakiwogo, Nsamizi, Calvary and Kigungu-Missoli, soldiers are tramping on the rights of our polling agents. We are engaging other authorities to prevail over these errant officers to see that our candidature meets a fair and balanced voting ground,” noted Kayanja.
In a similar regard, Micheal Mutebi Nyamayalwo the NRM mayoral candidate complained about soldiers whom he said, have all along sabotaged his campaign trail in preference for independent (but NRM leaning) Fabrice Rurinda. “Lt. Col McDan Kamugira and Capt. Barbara Barungi first tried to block my candidature in vain. They later embarked on a long aggressive plan to block all my campaigns,” complained Mutebi.
In response, Rurinda expressed shock over Mutebi’s utterances saying he has no powers whatsoever to command armed officers. “As we inspire to be leaders, we need to abandon all the hate speech among other things that discredit our integrity,” said Rurinda, adding that he would be glad if men and women in uniform voted for him.
When contacted, Lt. Col. Kamugira denied Mutebi’s allegations describing them as baseless. “Do soldiers carry a block vote? How then can I order them to vote for one person,” wondered the army officer during a phone interview.
Fabrice Rurinda one of the contestants for Entebbe mayoral race, while casting his vote at Lake Vic polling centre
Meanwhile, voting of direct councilor central ward, was cancelled after the NUP candidate was accorded a symbol of the Key, which ordinarily belongs to the FDC party. This was confirmed by Aidah Tusiime, the area presiding officer. She was however, non committal on when the post shall be filled.
On the other hand, Olive Nassuna the NUP candidate for the mayoral post said, some of her competitors in the race had initiated a derogatory talk, saying her image had also not appeared on the ballot paper, which she said was not true. The only lady in the race, expressed her commitment to prioritise women needs once elected mayor for the once Uganda’s capital city.
Olive Nassuna the NUP candidate and only lady for Entebbe mayoral race while casting her vote at Leisure park, Kitooro
Entebbe mayoral race has attracted seven contestants among who include, DP’s Vincent Kayanja who is also the incumbent, Fabrice Rurinda (ind), Micheal Mutebi (NRM), Olive Nassuna (NUP), Kenneth Simbwa (ANT), Mohammed Kawuma (ind) who is also the former MP and Gerald Muwonge (ind), who has not been sighted while campaigning anywhere, nor his poster being pinned anywhere.
Entebbe is among the municipalities that were recently elevated to a city status which will start operationalisation in the year 2022. The once Uganda’s capital city lost this status in post colonial times when the native government took over Kampala as the country’s capital city. Whoever wins the municipality seat, will directly become the first mayor for Entebbe City.

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