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What type of animal relationship are you in?

ByDiana Kibuuka

Feb 14, 2022

Celebrating Valentine’s with UWEC’S wildlife

In Animals – Man inclusive a good love relationship is characterised by; Good communication, Loyalty, and Mutual respect amongst many other factors. As we get into the Valentine’s mood we looked at some of the lovely animal couples at Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center (UWEC);

Lions: Both lions and lionesses are polygamous – they have more than one mating partner throughout their lives. So, in the sense of sexual loyalty toward a mate, lions are not loyal.

Tigers: Their love relationship is somewhat loyal – they don’t engage into a polygamous style of relationship as compared to the lions. Tigers are more intimate, loyal, devoted and greatly protect their families.

Ostriches: A male will pull out the best dance strokes to attract a female – he will crouch down and alternates bringing his black-and-white wings forward, one after the other. These are polygamous birds because in a single season, males will mate with multiple females, and females will mate with multiple males. However just like in humans where some men have manners of cheating on their wives but keep their relationship close , the polygamous male ostrich mating with many other female ostriches ,will still form a life-long mating pair with one “dominant” female.

Cheetahs: These only meet for mating for a few days, between 3 – 5 days. They are naturally solitary animals especially the females who prefer living an independent life.

Leopard tortoises: They are monogamous and breed only with one partner per year during the mating season. Males and females both become increasingly aggressive when they are looking for a mate, fighting by butting and ramming their rivals.

Otters: An otter male will take a No for No from a female otter. Males keep on approaching females indiscriminately until they find their right partners – one that is receptive. A male approaches a female and attempts to embrace her with his forelegs or rub and sniff her body. If she is receptive, the two roll and frolic; if not, she will push him away and the male will respect this rejection.

Spotted hyenas: The spotted hyena’s relationship begins with greeting each other by sniffing and licking each other’s genitals. However male hyenas will take advantage of the female hyena on heat to employ an “approach-avoid” technique, nervously tiptoeing up to her but immediately retreating once she notices him.- – Don’t forget in hyenas, the females are the dominant, more powerful so, the male spotted hyena puts himself at huge risk when courting a female. It requires enormous motivation for him to overcome his anxieties.

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