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Valentine: Love at the heart of nature

By Wahiidah Namboowa

After a long-hot afternoon, it was relieving to slope at the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC) commonly known as Entebbe Zoo. So was the case with over forty couples who found it right to celebrate Valentine’s day in the semi-jungles of Entebbe Zoo.

A red-carpet treat upon arrival, accompanied by photo-shoots and nature walk, was a starter on the menu of entertainment. Lovers were then treated to a ‘behind the scenes’ tour where one is granted an opportunity to feel and feed the wild animals at the zoo.

Fusion band doing what it knows best


Later catching a glimpse of the setting sun, was such a breath-taking moment while at UWEC’s longest beach in Entebbe. Followed by soothing live music played by Fusion band, the night began in style.

As ushers continued directing lovers to respective candle-lit tables, a sumptuous dinner was served, supplemented with a variety of drinks. In one corner was a camp-fire surrounded by pitched up tents, for whoever was willing to spend the night, while others were directed to cottages from where animals could visibly be seen chewing cud. It was Love at the heart of nature.

The night was spiced with modeling and exhibition dinner wear



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