• Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

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When Covid19 hit the tourism  sector and had some workers laid off while other were told to work from home , it was time for Julius Mwesigye to implement his dream waste management project.

As a conservation educator at Uganda wildlife conservation education center (UWEC) commonly known as Entebbe zoo, during the outbreak of Covid19, Mwesigye started worked out his plan from paper to ground by setting up what one can describe as a waste  village and garden as teaching aids in managing wastes especially plastics and metals.

Mwesigye who also holds the tittle Mr Wildlife 2011 his work is driven by the passion he has for nature.

“My love for the environment started way back when I was in school at Air Force secondary school as the president of school’s wildlife club – during that tenure is when I got the Mr Wildlife title after winning a wildlife quiz competition that was organized by UWEC”. says  Mwesigye.

Mwesigye has made good use of plastic bottles, sacks, old clothes, tins, papers to beautify the shade at Queen Elizabeth animal exhibit which has now turned to be called a waste management village.  Cement sacks and old tins are some of the increasing wastes that keep on piling each day due to the many constructions, however all these have been made useful through Mwesigye’s innovations of turning wastes into something useful.

Mwesigye believes that if man cana take up a responsibility of managing  garbage at  personal level, all that is regarded as  waste  can be well utilised through; Reuse, Recycle and even Reducing on the use  of non-decomposing materials especially plastics/polythene.

To him; “Waste is not Waste until it is Wasted”.

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