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URA confiscates donated rowing Boats, Sports gear


Feb 1, 2022 ,

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) through its customs office continues to hold onto the rowing boats among other sports gear which were donated to the Uganda Rowing Federation. The sports equipment had been donated by the World Rowing Federation through the Uganda Olympics committee.

The Uganda Rowing Federation had been given eighteen (18) boats in September 2020, to help train more youths in the training. Batenga Nakisozi, the Uganda rowing technical advisory board secretary said, the levied taxes accrue to a total of shs107m.

“Rowing is a very expensive sport where each boat costs between US$12,000 to US$20,000, which sum of money, the federation cannot manage to raise. Therefore, this donation was to take us a long way in making sure our sports people train and perfect in this game,” said Nakisozi.

She noted that the donated boats were to be used for both Pararowing and Rowing, hence appealed for tax exemption off the donated sports gear and equipment.

Cathleen Noble, the rowing Olympian 2020 wants to concentrate on training more ladies saying, they are very few who participate in rowing. She wishes to build local clubs which she hopes, will compete against each other before thinking about the Olympics.

“Yet, we are still challenged by the scarcity of availability of boats among other equipment,” she expressed, further urging the Uganda government to engage URA in having taxes waived off the donated boats.

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