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Un-ending Curfew must be addressed


Mar 24, 2021

The Speaker of Parliament hinted on the same matter during the house sitting on 9th, March, after the matter was raised by Gilbert Oulanya, the Kilak South MP, who said that curfew is now being used to violate rights of Ugandans, curtail mothers, and women who are coming from markets and extort money from Ugandans. But Ugandans don’t need another inquiry into the lifting of the curfew.

They are fed up with the talk fest and the conga line of politicians plus security personnels mistreating citizens in acts of enforcing curfew guidelines. People are demanding concrete proposals that will lead to bold initiatives for the curfew to be lifted.

The government’s decision to set up a team of scientists to coordinate the fight against COVID-19 is to be well commended. But a few dollars here and few dollars there will not solve the fundamental issue facing every Ugandan, most especially those operating in the night economy.

Despite being prone to curb crime that surface during nights by security officers, in Uganda night crimes are still ongoing during the curfew, which has left many of us wondering how perpetrators manage to move freely, operate and after the go free without the interference of security operatives, which is not the case right now when the country is trying to revamp the battered economy. The problem is, there are some high profile criminality still on going, as if their perpetrators don’t know that curfew is on.

As the economy continues to srink due to the ban of night operations, which also greatly contributed to the country’s GDP, we are witnessing at the moment with the country’s night businesses being seriously grappled by the curfew, with the entertainment and aviation sectors badly affected.

Among these includes art theaters, cinemas, music artist bar services, saunas and night trading among others. It’s alright to work during night because this will automatically eliminate the level of household poverty.

The restrictions we are seeing on the night businesses, movements of goods and services, and containment measures stated earlier in the entire country, has caused a lot of uncertainty on the country’s economy.


The Writer is a PML Daily Correspondent in Entebbe areas

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