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Ugandan High Commission in Rwanda Issues Advice to Ugandans in Rwanda

The Ugandan High Commission in Rwanda has come out in a press release to address the confusion amongst Ugandans living in Rwanda.

The Embassy has heard many diversionary information and would like to clarify as follows:

The President Of Uganda’s guidance of March 18, 2020, including boarders and airport closure, people staying where the lockdown found them still stands.

The challenges reported by the Ugandans in Rwanda through the Uganda Association in Rwanda (UAR) leadership were received by the Embassy and were duly communicated to the Government Of Uganda. The Embassy is awaiting for response.

The Association mobilized some well-wisher Ugandans including staff from the Embassy who were able to contribute from their personal savings to buy food for the most vulnerable people who were identified by the members from their different communities. NO RELIEF FOOD FROM GOVERNMENT OF UGANDA HAS BEEN RECEIVED.

The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs requested all Missions to register Ugandans who were stranded in transit due to COVID-19 lockdown. The information was forwarded to Kampala On 22nd April, 2020 still awaiting response.

Ugandans, mainly teachers who have had their contracts terminated are requesting to go back home. Since the Mission does not have powers on opening boarders, their concerns have been submitted to Kampala for consideration.

The Embassy appeals to all Ugandans to keep calm and avoid inciting others by spreading false information.

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