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Uganda ranked top in Girl trafficking


Jun 15, 2021

Uganda has been ranked the main source of victims of trafficking and also a transit and destination for domestic and transnational trafficking for both juveniles and adults to foreign countries for the year 2020. Illegal and unguided labor migration was the most contributing factor for trafficking of Ugandans to foreign countries and foreign nationals to or through Uganda.


According to the report released by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Cooperation Office for Prevention of Trafficking in Persons, majority of the victims were recruited in the trafficking trap through deceptive means and fraudulent forged travel documents.


According to the report, a total of 214 incidents were registered from January to December 2020 compared to 252 incidents registered for the same period in 2019 but with a decrease of 15.1%. Agness Igoye, the deputy national coordinator, protection of trafficking in Persons said, incidents of internal trafficking were highest with 118 cases, transnational trafficking with 93 incidents and only 03 incidents were of unknown suspected trafficking. She was addressing the press at Silver Springs hotel in Bugoloobi

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