• Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

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Uganda Airlines to introduce Nsenene on menu

Following a viral video of passengers on the Uganda Airlines flight number 446 who were buying Nsenene, management of the National carrier is contemplating on whether to add Nsenene to their menu for regional and international flights.

A screenshot for a video showing a man while selling Nsenene inside the Uganda Airlines flight number 446 which was heading to Dubai on Friday

The communication released on Saturday afternoon, follows a video which shows a man who was vending the local delicacy- Nsenene (grasshoppers) to passengers who were flying to Dubai. The communication from the management however, did not reveal whether any staff member had been suspended or interdicted as earlier indicated by some blogs.

However, Gen. Katumba Wamala, the cabinet minister for Works and Transport denied having suspended any employee of the national carrier. “We do not condone the acts of passengers selling Nsenene and the low standards of selling it…we have picked lessons from the incident…some of our customers enjoy Nsenene,” read in part the statement from Uganda Airlines management.

“The addition of Nsenene on our menu will bring the Ugandan culture to the world. Our key products are people, and experience,” added a communication from the national carrier. The management of Uganda Airlines believes, the move will boost marketing and the livelihood of people in the grasshopper value-chain.

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