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Two Suspects confess to killing German national

Four people were arrested last week in connection to the murder of 70-year old Rudel Friedrich Werner, a German national who had spent five years in areas of Kitala, Katabi town council in Wakiso district. Rudel who hails from the Germany town of Gunzenhausen, was found dead in his bedroom on April 3. The European who had a house in areas of Kitala along Entebbe road, is believed to have been strangled from the compound of his house before the body was dragged to his bedroom.

Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango had earlier identified the four suspects as Jackeline Danialia, Eria Dakanimya, Jalia Atwine and Barbara Chega. However, according to sources within police, Jalia Atwiine and Barbara Chega who were the deceased’s ex-wife and maid respectively, have so far been released whereas Eria and Jackeline are still detained. “Eria Baganizi 38years and Jackeline Nabacwa 24years, have confessed to killing Rudel with intention of stealing money from him,” confided a source privy to investigations.”They were earlier named as Eria Dakanimya and Jackeline Danialia but their true names are Baganizi and Nabacwa respectively,” explained the source.

The two prime suspects who, until Tuesday, were being held at the Police Special Investigations Division (SID) in Kampala, are reported to have hatched a plan of killing Rudel after suspecting him to have huge amounts of money in his house. “But after killing him, they only found Sh200,000, phone and laptop,” intimated the trusted source. Nabacwa was reportedly a girlfriend to the German national after the latter had separated with his wife Jalia Atwiine eight months ago.

“On a night when Rudel was killed, Nabacwa had taken Baganizi as boda boda cyclist. “When Rudel opened the gate for her, Baganizi who had gone as a boda boda cyclist, grabbed and strangled him to death, then the pair dragged the dead body inside the house and started searching for the money,” added another source at SID. The two suspects are reported to have confessed to the murder of German national and led police to places where they had hidden the deceased’s laptop and mobile phone.

In a telephone interview on Monday evening, Patrick Onyango said, the two suspects will be taken to court before the end of this week. Sources within judicial circles intimated that the two suspects are to be arraigned in Entebbe magistrates court on Wednesday, for mention of their charges and subsequent remand to prison.

In his earlier communication, Onyango noted that the deceased’s part-time maid one Barbara Chega did not stay at Rudel’s home, but used to go there for work, and leave before dusk, hence could not be implicated in the murder, same as his ex-wife Atwiine. It however, remains unclear whether any relatives of the deceased were notified of his demise, as the body remains laid in Mulago morgue.

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