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Tugume introduces Kickboxing, Taekwondo to UPDF


Feb 16, 2020

After winning a Silver and two Gold medals in the 2018 Pan American games that were held in USA, Titus Tugume decried government’s laxity in supporting his kickboxing efforts. “Government doesn’t recognise us so much yet we are raising our flag worldwide like any other sport,” remarked Tugume. However, on February 12, 2020, the soldier cum sportsman announced his plans of introducing both Taekwondo and Kickboxing to the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).

Showcasing Taekondo skills during Terehe sita celebrations at Air Force base in Entebbe

After getting a green light from top echelons of the army, Tugume is set to start training fellow soldiers the two sports. “The two games are quite expensive but if i can be availed with Sh3m and a training space, i can start on the sessions as we gradually advance,” said Tumuge. The Kickboxer explained that, training will be conducted on every Wednesday at the Air force base in Entebbe. “As i start with Air force soldiers, even colleagues under the Special Forces Command have expressed interest. We may have them as soon as resources can allow,” added Tugume.

A team of trainers showcasing Taekwondo skills during the 39th celebrations of Terehe sita in Entebbe

Tugume’s accolades

2007: Bronze medal Uganda Open Championship in Tae-Kwondo (Uganda)

2008: Gold medal from TAFISA World Sports (South Korea)

2008: USPA Award- Best Kickboxer of the year (Uganda)

2009: Silver medal from Kick boxing championship (Italy)

2009: Ttophy of the best player (Italy)

2010: Gold medal from international self-defence championship (Greece)

2010: Diploma in Kick-boxing (Greece)

2011: Gold medal from Antalia (Turkey)

2011: USPA Award of best Kick-boxer (Uganda)

2012: USPA Award of the best Kick-boxer (Uganda)

2013: Two gold university games in Taekwondo and Karate (Dar-sarmar)

2016: Gold medal Egypt international championship (Egypt)

2017: World Championships- Gold and Silver (Florida USA)

2017: World Championships- Bronze (Turkey)

2018: World Championships WKU- Silver and Two gold medals (San Antonio USA)

2018: World golden warrier Championships – 2golden trophies  plus a golden belt (Los Angeles California)

2018: O-Sport Championships- Bronze (Iran)

2019: WKU World championships -2bronze (Austria)

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