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Mothers Day: Knowing the right Colour to choose

Knowing the right colour to choose

By Harriet Asingura

As many people to to Social media to social media, portraying images of their mothers; whether alive or dead, in celebration of Mothers’ day, others took a notch higher, to deliver flowers to those ladies who have exhibited true characters of a mother. Delivering a bouquet of flowers to loved ones is good gesture in appreciation of their deeds. However, the question remains in the type and colour of Carnation one chooses, to pull out the real meaning intended for delivery.

Carnations grow in different colours; Pink, Yellow, Red, Purple and white. The initiator of mother’s day Ann Jarvis chose the white coloured Carnation that symbolises pure Love and good luck. However, generally, the Pink Carnation symbolises the Mother’s Love.

The Light-red carnations symbolise admiration while Dark-red carnations symbolise deep love and woman’s affection. On the other hand, Stripped carnations express regret and refusal whereas Green carnations represent St. Patrick’s day- the 5th Century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland.

Purple carnations can be used subjectively in Capricious situations/ circumstances whereas Yellow colour represent disappointment or dejection. However more than two colours of carnations can be mixed up in a single decoration to convey  variety of messages at once.

  • Carnations express love, fascination and distinction.
  • Carnations are native to Eurasia.
  • Historically, Carnations are known to have been used for the first time by Greeks and Romans in garlands.
  • Carnations are exotic to Australia but have been grown commercially as a flower crop since 1954.
  • Carnation blooms last a long time even after they are cut.
  • Carnation flowers have become symbolic of mother’s love and also of Mother’s Day.


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