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Teenage Single Mothers in Entebbe call for help

ByResty Nasaazi

Mar 22, 2021

Girls as young as 14years, continue to become mothers, whereas men who are responsible for their motherhood situations, deliberately refuse to play their fatherhood roles, causing misery to the young mothers and their children. The teenage mothers later join parenthood organisations to save their future and and that for their children.

Single Mums Equipped, is an organisation supporting over 62 teenage single mothers and their children. The organisation which is found in Entebbe Municipality, is facing hurdles in supporting mothers, in terms of providing them with basic needs like health care, clothing, feeding, and imparting skills. Single mothers between 17 to 36 years, continue to join the organisation to seek assistance, which shoots the number up, beyond what the organisation can handle.

Regina Nakato 19 years-old, is a single mother of one son who fell into the trap of a man while she was seeking for accommodation from the street where she used to sleep. “I did not have plans to become a mother at this age, but I had no option because I was living on the streets after my mother dumped me and my twin sister,” narrates Nakato. She says after impregnating her, the baby daddy took off.

Ikuru Margret 18 years-old, a single mum with a son, became a victim after dropping out from school. “The situation am in and my son, is alarming. I find it difficult to feed and treat my child whenever he falls sick,” expressed Ikuru. Similar predicaments are shared by Catherine Nassiwa 20 years, who said, her daughter has special illness which requires huge sums of money.

“When the man knew about my pregnancy, he relocated in the wee hours of the night, in fear of taking on the responsibility. Now am facing it alone. My worry is about, my girl who has a unique illness which requires a lot of money which I do not have, ” Nassiwa cried out.

Florence Namulidwa 26years, has a 5year-old daughter who is currently studying. Both mother and daughter live a life of scarcity, since they fail to divide the little they earn, among the many life-needs; including school fees, medical fees, food and shelter among others.


Additional reporting by Hariet Asingura

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