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South Shore set to provide subsidized internet to learners


Jan 10, 2022

By Jamirah Nakato

A local internet company South Shore Uganda has revealed plans to roll out subsidized internet packages tailored for learners across the country.

The move is directed towards enabling over 15 million learners that have been affected by the novel corona virus pandemic and as well curb the chasm induced by the global internet divide compared to countries that have easier access to internet services.

Findings from an internal survey carried out by South Shore indicate that up to 60% of internet subscribers in the country primarily use the services for educational purposes.

The internet enabler believes that enhancing learning using the internet will help foster technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, robotics and crypto currencies.

For the last year, South Shore rolled out subsidized internet packages for leaners in Entebbe as a pilot in hopes to achieve continuity owing to the emergence of Covid-19 and over 2500 people have benefitted from the services.

The company which boasts of over 10 serving points in the area, is keen on extending their reach beyond Entebbe.

“More than 73,200 schools and institutions of learning in Uganda have been closed for 2 years due to covid19, forcing over 15 million learners to stay at home,” revealed Martin Ssemulugo who is the South Shore Co-founder and CEO

South Shore CEO, Martin Ssemulugo| ©News Excavator/GSA
South Shore CEO, Martin Ssemulugo| ©News Excavator/GSA

“To fully understand the impact of the digital divide that further increased because of the pandemic, we must consider how lost schooling compromises the benefits of education, including future earnings and better job prospects. As a startup Company, we have managed to offer subsidized internet packages to a few scholars which has enabled them continue with education online. However there is still a lot to be done.” he added

A recent study by the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) states that Uganda has the highest priced internet in East Africa. The cost of acquiring one gigabyte of internet is at $2.6 compared to its East African counterparts.

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