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Rowdy Youths destroy Division Council Property during Elections


Sep 10, 2020

A group of rowdy youths who were dressed in yellow t-shirts smashed the glass windows of division B council hall before tearing down the mesh fence at division head office in Entebbe municipality. This was during a third attempt for the re-election of youth leaders on parish level, after the previous two attempts flopped over similar election violence.

A group of youths smashed Division B glass windows and mesh fence during a third round of youth election in Entebbe municipality

The third round which was organised by the electoral commission at division B offices on Tuesday, ended prematurely when youths belonging to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) refrained from participating in the voting exercise after sensing a defeat by their counterparts of Democratic Party (DP). “Nonetheless, we upheld the victory of those from DP who agreed to participate in the voting exercise. However, only three positions had been voted hence, we shall go with those results pending a decision from superior authorities,” intimated Steven Buwembo, the presiding officer.

The three elected persons include Henry Nteza, Ibrah Serugga and Hussein Serwanga who were elected as chairperson, vice chairperson and secretary respectively. Pending positions include, secretary for publicity, education, finance, women affairs, labour affairs and secretary for sports and culture.

A glass-window at Division B offices in Entebbe municipality, which was pelted with stones by NRM youths during a re-run of parish youth elections

Following the flop of youth elections in division B, Entebbe municipality on Wednesday last week, the electoral commission organised another parish youth election on the following day, Thursday, which also ended in a brawl. The Thursday fracas was sparked off when two polling agents for a Democratic Party (DP) candidate were arrested by the soldiers before other party members intervened. In the scuffle, the Entebbe mayor Vincent Kayanja and his deputy Richard Sekyondo were beaten by soldiers and plain-clothed security officers.

This caused a commotion at the polling station prompting an arrest of Kayanja’s deputy and eight more DP members, who were later released on Saturday afternoon. In the same scuffle, two journalists were also beaten and rushed to the hospital.

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