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Peep into the National Budget


Jun 11, 2020 ,

As Uganda reads its budget 2020/2021, many people get worried on how to live amidst an increase in the fuel prices. The 45.4trillion budget is expected to be funded by local revenue at 81%, a clear indication that taxes on various products are to go high.

Taxes levied on petrol have increased from Sh1,200 to Sh1,350 and  diesel from Sh880 to Sh1,030= an increase of 150=  per litre on each.

Though many youth in Uganda have embraced  ICT, it has been the least funded with 136.2billion making a 0.5% share from the national cake. This puts job creation through ICT at balance.

Agriculture the country’s economic backbone has been allocated 950.6billion standing at  of 3.2%.

Science and innovation to be run on a 163.3billion budget – 0.5% while other social developments get a share of 173.2billion – 0.6%.

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