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Over Sh250m needed to set up shelter for the needy at Kyasiira Nuns home


Jul 13, 2020

Kyasira home of Hope which is managed by Good Samaritan Sisters of Kisubi, used to accommodate over 80 orphans from where, they could be taken to different schools for their education. However, the current trend of ravaging waves and rising water levels of Lake Victoria has not spared the orphanage, wrecking all structures including dormitories, kitchen, stores and toilets. What used to be a compound, is now an extension of lake Victoria and the nuns have to use a boat if they’re to access any corner of the compound, or crossing from one dormitory to another.

What used to be a garden…

What used to be a garden, is evidently another pool of water, where one needs to sail with a boat in case they wish to harvest crops. The home which is found in areas of Kisubi, Katabi town council in Wakiso district, is managed by nuns attached to Kisubi seminary, and supervised by Kampala archdiocese.

The situation forced all orphans to be sent back to respective homes as religious leaders find better alternatives of mitigating the situation. “Children used to stay around this place from where they’d commute to different schools. But as you can see, they have no where to stay, hence have been relocated back to respective homes while a few whose relatives can not be traced, have been integrated to some other charitable homes,” intimated Ronald Kalema the Katabi town council chairperson.

What used to be a compound, can only be accessed with a boat

The water from lake Victoria which is spread around the whole compound, gardens and houses, is ‘decorated’ with algae, giving it a green colour which can be mistaken as a green compound. Lake Victoria which is the largest water body in Africa, has recorded its highest ever water level of more than 13metre mark. The current rise in Lake Victoria water level started on October 1 last year and had risen from 12.00 metres to 13.32 metres by April 30.

Sr. Mary Peter Namisinga head of the home that looks after the Orphans, says it all started around December 2019 and by April 2020 all buildings  at the home were swallowed by the waters of the lake. A new structure is being raised to give shelter to now the homeless children.


More than Sh250m in sought to have the structure completed. Sr. Namisinga says they have no hope of the water levels receding, hence a need for a new structure. “We have over 60 acres of land where we can set up  new structures for the home – including a secondary and vocational school for our children,” appealed Sr. Namisinga.

Entebbe Vacariet leaders handing over cash 500.000= to assist in the ongoing construction work.

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