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NRM Primaries: Women defeat men in Entebbe Divisional race


Sep 17, 2020

Women defeated men in the just concluded Entebbe Division NRM Primaries. Clemence Sentabire was declared the NRM Candidate for Entebbe Division B after winning Joseph Lukyamuzi in the divisional party primaries that were held Wednesday. Sentabile won with 1,926 votes over Lukyamuzi’s 1,750 votes.

Gamba Jane Scolastica Najjemba who won Entebbe Division A chairperson with Ms Clemence Sentabile who won Entebbe Division B chairperson for Entebbe Municipality in the NRM primaries

On the other hand, Jane Gamba Scolastica Najjemba also won the NRM flag to contest as Entebbe Division A chairperson after polling 2062 votes, defeating Farooq Muyimbwa who garnered 1175 votes. Both winners were declared by the returning officer Entebbe Municipality Paul Wasike.

Speaking after the Declaration of the results, Lukyamuzi congratulated Sentabire for the win and promised to support her in the general elections come 2021. Entebbe Municipality has two Divisions A and B. Division A is currently led by NRM’s Micheal Mutebi Kabwama who is now vying for mayoral seat after securing the party ticket when he floored Fabrice Rulinda. Entebbe Division B is currently led by DP’s Stanely Namayirira who may not seek for re-election.

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