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Nkumba primary alumni continue to boast school rebuild drive

Alumni of Nkumba Day and Boarding Primary School Class of 1992 led by their Class President Yosiya Kimogofu have continued to renovate their former school by building new kitchen building and toilets for both students and the staff.

The initiative is a continuation of the rebuild process to restore the school’s lost glory

While launching out these items built by the class of 92,  Katabi town clerk Paddy Kakumba appreciated the work done by the old students of class 92 and appealed to other schools to admire the Nkumba style. “This will help to uphold the respect and good image of our former schools from where we studied from,” appealed Mr. Kakumba.

The school headmistress Mrs. Majorine Mubeezi Kalemera, with teachers, parents and the students’ leadership thanked the old students for caring about the welfare of the school that offered them letters of opportunity.

The President of the class 1992, Irene Namusoke revealed that the work so far done, has cost shs9m contributed by 88 Old students of their year out of a total of 160 classmates.

“We decided to first build the kitchen and toilets because they were in poor state compared to other things to renovate, and it’s our duty as former students to stand with the school, and restore the glory of our school,” Namusoke remarked.

This is not the first time for Nkumba primary school’s old boys and girls to renovate their former school.  At first Nkumba primary Alumni Association in phase one decided to renovate the girl’s dormitory, phase two they decided put much emphasis on renovating classroom blocks while in the third phase they decided to renovate the boys dormitory and on the 4th phase they opted to renovate the school’s  kitchen and the toilets.

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