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Five crew members of MV Kalangala who were quarantined after sailing from Tanzania have so far tested negative from Covid19. Dr Andrew Menya, the officer in-charge of Covid19 Ward at Entebbe regional referral hospital, however, noted that all the five crew have to finish up the 14 days of quarantine, before they can be tested the second time to confirm their status.

Three of the five crew are still on the vessel while the two are undergoing self-isolation at respective homes. “Therefore, we are still monitoring these people and after 14 days, we shall conduct a second test and in case it tests negative, that’s when we shall give them certificates indicating they are free from the virus and can get back to the community,” explained Dr. Menya.

MV Kalangala used to work as the main road connecting Entebbe from Nakiwogo to the Island-district

On Saturday 23, MV Kalangala docked at Nakiwogo pier on its return from Mwanza Tanzania where it had spent over 3months undergoing routine maintenance. The five crew members on board, were immediately subjected to mandatory 14day-quarantine, which they’re still undergoing.

Sadal Musoke the Executive Director for Nation Oil Distributors Ltd (NODL) a firm that manages the vessel said, the company is currently working on the docking piers at Nakiwogo and Lutoboka which were disrupted due to rising water levels. Musoke also noted that after the lock-down, the ferry may not take the exact number of travelers in order to maintain the social distance as required by the ministry of health. “However, the transport fares shall remain the same,” assured Sadala Musoke.

MV Kalangala ferry temporarily suspended its operations on February 9, to undergo routine maintenance. See https://newsexcavatorug.com/2020/04/15/mv-kalangala-taken-to-tanzania-after-two-months-at-port-bell/

In the absence of MV Kalangala, travelers to various islands in Kalangala have been using private vessels like MV Vanessa, MV Natalie and MV SENCATA before the lock-down. However, all the three vessels do not carry heavy cargo and vehicles. Passengers with such Cargo were using the two ferries MV Pearl and MV Ssese that operate at Bukakata Landing site.

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