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Mothers Day is beyond celebrating Motherhood


May 9, 2020 , ,
By Asingura Harriet
Mothers’ day which is celebrated almost in the whole world, aims at appreciating those females who stood up to their responsibilities and stretched beyond. Anna Jarvis the founder of Mother’s day in the United States of America (USA),  was inspired by her mother Anna Reeves Jarvis to push for this day.
Anna Reeves who worked tirelessly during the American  Civil war between 1861 – 1865  nursing wounds of the soldiers, frequently expressed a desire to establish  such a holiday to honor mothers who move an extra mile in their role and all this came to reality after her death,when her daughter Jarvis organised her commemoration in 1908.
Since then, the day which falls every second Sunday of May has been embraced by over 50 countries in the world.
Anna Jarvis who was born on May 1, 1864 in Webster’s , Taylor county, west Virginia, died childless in November 24, 1948 at the age of  84. As we celebrate this day, let’s not only focus on motherhood, but rather any responsible motherly acts by a woman.
This year’s mother’s day comes amidst the Covid19 pandemic and we see many women at the forefront of fighting this global pandemic especially in the health sector, security and the media not forgetting the mothers at home caring for their dear ones.

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