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Man Killed, body dumped in Banana plantation

ByMoses Sentamu

Feb 24, 2022

A 30year-old Frank Muwonge, a resident of Nkumba-Bukolwa in Katabi town council, Wakiso district was found dead and body dumped in a banana plantation near Kasenyi stage on Thursday morning. The body which was found dumped along Kasenyi road, had bruises and torn clothes.

According to residents, Muwonge had gotten involved in a bitter fight in which he had suffered a blow the previous day. “He had collapsed for some minutes and rushed to a nearby clinic from where he was attended to and regained consciousness before being discharged. He was, however, advised to take a medical scan,” explained one resident.

Another close friend to the deceased narrated how he had escorted Muwonge to his home the previous day.
“When we left the clinic, he looked so fine and was able to walk for close to a kilometer to his home from where I left him seemingly sound and fine. To the shock of my life, I was informed the following day that Muwonge was found lying dead near a neighbour’s home, several metres away from where I had left him the previous night,” narrated a grieving friend.

Abdul, who was nicknamed Kichalito, was reported to have fought with Muwonge the previous day, before the latter collapsed. However, it remains unclear whether the same person was responsible for Muwonge’s demise. It remains unclear how Muwonge was dragged out of his rented home to a distant destination.

Hussein Kyeyune, the area councillor said, there were no fight-marks at the scene where Muwonge’s body was found, “a sign that his body could just have been dumped.”

Noor Njuki, the Wakiso deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC) in charge of Entebbe said, criminality continues to spike ever since the lockdown was lifted. “Some people think that, by lifting the lockdown, some laws were suppressed, but I assure the community of Entebbe that I am going to restore sanity and order in this area,” vowed Njuki.

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