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M7 Fulfills Pledge for Sanitary Pads


Mar 11, 2020

By Diana Kibuuka

During the 2015 presidential campaigns while in Lango sub region, president Museveni by then an NRM Presidential candidate made a pledge of providing sanitary pads to all girls in schools across the country once he’d be elected back to the number office. As time went on, the president’s pledge delayed prompting opposition figures like Dr. Stellah Nyanzi to launch her pads campaign to cover up Museveni’s gap. The former Makerere University scholar pads campaign was greatly supported by many Ugandans yet landed Nyanzi into jail. She was also accused of attacking and abusing the president’s image among other charges related to cyber crime and computer misuse.

President M7 during one of his campaigns in Lango sub region

As we near 2021 general elections, President Museveni  is reportedly going to launch  the sanitary towels he had earlier pledged during the previous campaign in 2015. The sanitary towels have been branded with a yellow colour with the NRM party symbol. As we await on the official launch of the yellow pads, several individuals have since manufactured or distributed sanitary towels some of which are reusable, and supplying the same to girl-students as one way of keeping them in school. Just of recent, singer and artist Sheebah Karungi launched a type of pads named Holic sanitary pads which were subsequently launched by Barbie Kyagulanyi a wife to Robert Kyagulanyi who has also expressed interest in running for the presidential office come 2021.

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