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LVRLAC in Sports campaign to conserve Lake Victoria

In a bid to fulfill its core mandate of conserving lake Victoria, the Lake Victoria Regional Local Authorities Cooperation (LVRLAC) has partnered with the sports fraternity to promote community participation in conserving lake Victoria through sports.

When water levels rose, eating up over 20 acres off Ngamba island

During the launch of the campaign on Sunday, Mr. Paddy Kakumba the LVRLAC secretary general and also the town clerk Katabi town council said, sports is one of the strongest tools which brings people together and therefore, a viable avenue through which people can be rallied for a common cause.


“We wish to restore the Lake Victoria eco system by engaging the sports fraternity. We therefore hope to disseminate the information regarding environmental conservation to sports players and supporters,” noted Kakumba. He further advised people to stop building in buffer zones and destroying wetlands around lake Victoria.


Mr. Vincent Kayanja the LVRLAC chairperson noted that many peopled are not aware of how they are directly or indirectly responsible for degradation of the lake. “However, these people can easily be reached through areas of their interest like sports, so that we avert the fast-brewing catastrophe,” noted Mr. Kayanja.

Conservationists joined by the sports fraternity in a tree-planting campaign to conserve lake Victoria

The Lake Victoria Sports tournament concept was developed by Entebbe annual corporate sports gala, where the corporate fraternity and the local community will engage in games and sports while practicing social corporate responsibility like planting trees and cleaning lake shores.


The campaign is expected to give a deep and wider platform for the gospel of protection, preservation, conservation, maintenance and sustainable use and development of the Lake.


Mr. Benjamin Ochan Uganda Cranes goalkeeper playing at Kenya’s AFC Leopards also emphasised that during every game played in the respective local authorities,  tree planting, cleanup exercise and environmental management sensitisation shall be carried out.


“We shall request a local authority to allocate space for LVRLAC sports forest. We also plan to have environmental management discussion during the participating team meetings. The best compliant teams shall also be recognised and awarded,” noted Mr. Ochan.

Kasenyi landing site where lake waters are yet to recede

According to Mr. Mercy Ssebuliba an academician and also a programmes coordinator under LVRLAC, the rise in Lake Victoria water levels has been catalysed by the community that pollutes and degrades lake-shores and its basin, plus river banks.


“These destructive acts range from tree cutting, poor methods of farming along the shorelines, pollution from industries among other activities. However, these can easily be reached through areas of their interest like sports,” argued Ssebuliba.

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