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Low Voter turn-up for election of District Chairpersons, Councilors


Jan 20, 2021
By Moses Sentamu
Very few voters were sighted at different polling stations in areas of Entebbe municipality, Katabi town council and Kajjansi town council in Wakiso district during the voting exercise for district chairpersons and councilors. Candidates and their agents resorted to ferrying voters from respective homes to polling stations, to be able to cast their votes.
There was a low turn up of voters at St. Jude polling station among other polling stations in Wakiso
Juma Abdallah, a polling agent for one of the candidates said, people have expressed dissatisfaction in regard to the previous general presidential and parliamentary election. “Many believe the electoral commission will not consider results from their polling stations as the case was, in the just-concluded presidential election where votes from some polling areas were not considered,” explained Juma.
On the other hand, some supporters of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) who preferred not to be named,were discouraged by the recent wave which saw their competitors in the National Unity Platform (NUP) win almost all parliamentary seats in Wakiso district. “My vote may not make much difference in this opposition-prone area,” intimated one NRM supporter.
Matia Lwanga Bwanika the NUP candidate for Wakiso district being taken through the voting process before casting his vote
Meanwhile, Matia Lwanga Bwanika the NUP candidate for Wakiso district chairmanship said, the voter turn-up has always been low for district and other local government elections. He also pointed out a couple of incidents which reportedly involved pre-ticking and ballot stuffing.
“In Kisenge, Wakiso Mumyuka, there is a small ramshackled school known as Mubiru Peter primary school where some people spent the whole of Tuesday night while pre-ticking the ballot papers,” Matia Lwanga alleged.
He pointed out other areas where he claimed ballot booklets were taken with missing ballot papers, which he said, were rejected by the voters.
Matia Lwanga Bwanika the NUP contestant with wife Barbara Babirye casting their votes at St. Jude polling station, Namulanda in Kajjansi town council
Wakiso district has a total of one million one hundred fifty four thousand, eight hundred fifty seven (1,154,857) voters with 1,434 polling stations across the whole district. The district has registered eight members of parliament all belonging to the NUP and FDC opposition parties in the just concluded presidential and parliamentary elections

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