• Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

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Leyna to release first Song Album

8year-old Leyna Kagere to release her first original album dubbed “Good Day Album,” which is expected to be out this month. The album has six songs including; Good day which is an album song, our God is good, don’t go to school, Ebigambo, Lord have mercy and Twagalane.

“Most people came to know me for the first time I participated in the East Africa Has Got Talent competition, that was held in Nairobi. I have since been doing song covers of other artists. I later realised I needed to come up with my own songs,” intimated Kagere.

About her Songs

According to Kagere, all the songs have got a strong message in them. “Forexample,  Ebigambo meaning words. This song is dedicated to children who grow up in families with cases of domestic violence. It tells of how wrangles in homes have affected young ones, to the extent of missing school,” describes Leyna Kagere.

Who wrote these songs

Kagere’s songs were written by different people. “Ebigambo was written by soul artist Kenneth Mugabi while others were written by Irene Nakintu who is a gospel artist,” confided Kagere adding that all songs were produced by Power Rhythm at the National theater.

She also says her music will first be distributed on social media handles like Amazon, team core and then release song by song.

About Leyna K

Leyna Kagere, a P.3 pupil at Sky lands International school in Katabi town council, Wakiso District, is a second born among four. She performed from big stages before her participation in The East Africa Has Got Talent competition. She was the first to win the Golden Buzzer which pushed her to the semi finals though didn’t emerge the winner.

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