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Ku Air: A unique ‘Office’ to over 450 Workers

By Jamirat Nandawula
As majority move to work in tiled air conditioned offices, some men and women have found their office at a garbage-dumping site. Located at Nkumba-Bukolwa, Katabi town council in Wakiso district, the dump site was locally named Ku Air because most of the meaningful garbage comes from Entebbe International Airport. The dumping site is  a workplace to over 500 people who sort, wash and pack different material mostly polythene bags, plastic bottles and papers to be sold for recycling and re-use.
 Filthy as it may look,  the dumpsite has turned out a great source of income to a number of homesteads and families. People commute from distant locations everyday, to the site, for garbage sorting. “Though some people despise us but from this dirty office, we are able to take care of our families, pay school fees and  also secure some shelter,” says Barbarah Nakalema a mother to four children.
However, just like other businesses which have been affected by Covid19, this too has felt the ripple effects of global pandemic as sales of plastic bottles went down from 700/= per kilo to between 100 – 200/= per Kg.
Maama Mega as she’s commonly referred to in this place, says they have instead resorted to sorting and keeping their garbage till the lock-down is over and business is back to normal, is when they will hit the market agains.
“Transport too is a challenge because in most cases we move late hours and with this curfew, we can’t freely move,” stated Maama Mega.

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