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Katabi Mayor Kalema crosses from DP to NUP


Aug 3, 2020

After serving 4years as Katabi Town council chairperson on Democratic Party (DP) flag, Ronald Kalema Basammulekere has officially crossed to the National Unity Platform (NUP) led by Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine.

Kalama says his service seem not to have been appreciated by those who perceive selves as DP historicals hence, found it reasonable to opt for a party he describes as one that matches his abilities and interests.

Kalema chanting NUP slogan

“Some elements in DP wanted me to front the Party’s interests ahead of the people i had sworn to serve. This caused animosity when I could not tolerate that,” intimated Kalema. While welcoming the Katabi chairperson to NUP, Kyagulanyi described Kalema as a noble leader and a Patriot.

Sources within NUP revealed that the party will be supporting only candidates who prove to be darlings for the electorate. “We have our own sieving system which we have always used to front strong candidates,” noted a sources within NUP.

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