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Kasigire appointed Entebbe DPC as Kawonawo is dropped

It was a glamorous party organised by police officers attached to Entebbe police station to welcome Baker Kawonawo as the new Division Police Commander (DPC) on October 14, 2018. It was the same ceremony that bade farewell to the (then) outgoing DPC Samuel Mission, at K-Hotels in Entebbe on a Sunday evening.This has always been a norm to organise farewell parties for outgoing senior serving officers at the station. However, it was not the case on Monday, when Kawonawo was being replaced by Micheal Kasigire through changes that were made by the Inspector General of Police, and were to be effected immediately.

When Baker Kawonawo (left) was being ushered in, as Entebbe DPC. On the right, is Entebbe former DPC Samuel Mission

SP Kawonawo was replaced with Kasigire who until of recent, was the DPC for Kira road Police station. This was confirmed by the Police spokesperson Fred Enanga on Monday. “There was a placement gap because the commander who was in Entebbe, is undergoing an administrative action,” Enanga said. The police mouthpiece explained that this was a normal transfer where the placement committee looked at a number of parameters and found Kasigire with “far and beyond experience, among other requirements needed in Entebbe area.”
“Of course, he had also spent a while in Kira and therefore, it was important for him (Kasigire) to change environment,” further intimated Enanga.

On March 23, Kawonawo was held by his superiors in Kampala on allegations of violating presidential directives about containing Coronavirus when he reportedly failed to close flea markets. He was released on March 25 but had not resumed office until his replacement on Monday.

Micheal Kasigire who was appointed as the new DPC for Entebbe

Sources within Police intimated that Kawonawo only faces a “battle” of being a genuine officer amidst a generally tagged irregular force. “He is being charged with not quelling flea markets against the president’s directive, yet we all know that he personally dispersed traders on both Abaita and Central market who had gathered to conduct their usual business on Friday and Saturday respectively,” intimated a source at Entebbe police station.

Though reported to have had disagreements on some issues with the area deputy RDC, another source within Police said, this has got nothing to do with his current predicament.

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2 thoughts on “Kasigire appointed Entebbe DPC as Kawonawo is dropped”
  1. Such disappointments can’t miss in police and police can’t appreciate yes Mr kawonawo maight have massed up slightly on that day but that one doesn’t tantamount to what has been done to him unless if there was aplan of making some changes then okay but the best way would be to summon him and be and warn him of what didn’t go well then keep watching how he is doing or implimenting
    That’s how we lost a spurb , good and careful DPC Samuel mission who really knew how to handle the public and the personnels and taken in other light administrative posts anyway let the police administration change in the way of solving issues thx

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