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Kasenyi Traders barred from re-constructing structures as Fire guts 200 Kiosks

Following the fire outburst that razed part of Kasenyi landing site in Wakiso district, all traders and the fishermen who have been operating from the landing site have been barred from re-constructing any structures until proper plans are drawn, to allow spacing of the kiosks and also leave wide pathways for fire-fighters in case a similar incident happens again.

Traders trying to gather what is left of their irish potatoes

Abdul-Noor Mbaziira who is one of the managers at Kasenyi landing site said, there has been several fire incidences with no reports produced to explain the cause. “We therefore, need to take all the precautionary measures before establishing other structures.

Traders and fishermen are counting losses after their kiosks and containers were destroyed in a blaze. Reported to have started in the wee hours of Sunday night, the wild fire burnt approximately 200 kiosks, destroying all commodities and valuables at the landing site.

According to Luis Kayanja the area councilor, the fire started at around 11a.m, razing down all the fishing stalls, beer and soda depots, shops and food stores.

Beer and soda worth millions of shillings were destroyed

Kenneth Kiggundu who was at the scene, minutes after the incident reported that police blocked people from accessing the scene. However, George Kwizera the RedCross correspondent said, police’s action of blocking many people from accessing the scene, was justifiable because some of them had resorted to looting from the shops that had not got burnt. “It also saved casualty incidents,” added Kwizera.

The cause of fire outburst remains unclear as some people point at possibilities of charcoal stoves while others say the fire started from a section which has no restaurants nor charcoal stoves.

Annet Nansubuga who has worked from Kasenyi landing site for the past 20years said, the Sunday fire incident was the seventh of its kind. “And no single report has ever been produced to tell us what causes such fire outbreaks,” said Nansubuga.

She appealed to all relevant authorities to allow traders re-construct their kiosks and stalls saying the landing site supports over 300 families directly and thousands of others indirectly.

Men trying to gather what was left of their irish potatoes after fire gutted a section of Kasenyi landing site in Katabi town council, in the wee hours of Sunday night

Meanwhile, Ronald Kalema the Katabi town council chairperson intimated that whereas the town council would always wish to help the traders whenever such incidences happen, the landing site is a private entity, which has for long not contributed any taxes to the town council.

“Whenever the town council wishes to effect any programme at Kasenyi landing site, we have to first go through a series of protocols and approval from the owner,” explained Kalema.

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