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Kasenyi Residents irked by Garbage heaps

ByResty Nasaazi

Feb 17, 2021

Residents of Kasenyi landing site in Wakiso district, remain perturbed by the heaps of garbage that keeps piling day by day. Garbage was seen piling up to the roof-tops of residents living next to the landing site. Residents say, they have continuously written to the management of Kasenyi landing site, but nothing has been done to do away with the garbage problem.

“We wrote to the management of Kasenyi landing site seven times in 2019, two times in 2020, and so far seven times this year but they are yet to respond,” noted a resident.

Abubakar Mugoma one of the business proprietors at Kasenyi says, management has always collected huge sums of money to hire trucks for garbage collection, but the area remains dirty and smelly.

Ramadhan Kigozi the leader of fishermen and business operators at Kasenyi landing site said, residents have complained to the management of Kasenyi landing site, but instead they kept on giving them empty promises.

Hajji Mbabali the manager of Kasenyi landing site said, they have always tried to removed the garbage, but it’s people who keep piling it. “There is also some debris and rubbish which is brought by the water waves, making it difficult to exhaustively clear it away,” explained Mbabali.

The Katabi town clerk Paddy Kakumba noted that Kasenyi landing site belongs to a private individual hence the town council has often failed to collect taxes or any dues that can be used in providing social amenities.

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