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How Parents, Learners are prepared for Schools re-opening

ByResty Nasaazi

Sep 22, 2020 ,

By Jamirat Nandawula and Harriet Asingura


In his latest address to the nation on easing restrictions on the Covid-19 situation, President Museveni announced that schools will re-open on October 15th for the candidate classes of Primary Seven, Senior Four, Senior Six, finalists in tertiary colleges and finalists in universities.

Some Parents treated the news with excitement while others expressed worry over what they described as an ‘offside’ situation, where claim to have no tuition fees since most of them are reported to have lost jobs during the lock-down period.

Mr. Wasswa a parent of 2 candidates, expressed joy for the re-opening of schools, saying at least parents have been given some weeks to prepare before October 15, when their children are expected back to school. “The students have spent quite a long time at home which could affect them in a way that some girls were impregnated while others started doing drugs,” noted Mr. Wasswa.

Some parents intimated that others (parents) had totally abated their responsibility of raising children. Mitchell Nakkazzi a mother of one, advised parents to continue working harder and pay for their children’s education.

Sarah Namatovu, a P.7 student at Forward primary school, believes she has productively used the lock-down period to learn how to cook and also serving clients in her aunt’s restaurant. She however, expressed readiness to resume with studies.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robert Muwonge the deputy headteacher for Nkumba Primary School also expressed preparedness to receive pupils and also help them successfully pass exams. “We are well prepared and equipped with Sanitizers and enough water plus soap for washing hands all the time. We however, expect each pupil to carry their own masks much as we may try our best to provide extra masks,” noted Mr. Muwonge.

The Vice chancellor Nkumba University Prof. Wilson Muyinda Mande, also noted that the university is well prepared for the finalists. “We will be carrying out online classes using zoom for those students who are not finalists and those who may not manage to come to the university. Those who will miss the lectures will be able to download the links, then finalists will be able to come at the university as we prepare the timetable very soon,” explained Prof. Mande.

The Vice Chancellor added that their preparations are intended to ensure that, final-year students complete studies within this calendar year. “We don’t expect them to come back next year because we had already covered 55% of what they had to learn. For the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), we are well prepared with sanitizers and are requesting every student to have a mask,” added Prof. Mande.

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