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How Covid19 is affecting fasting Muslims

By Wahiidah Namboowa

As Covid19 the global pandemic, continues to change and shape the course of life worldwide, Muslims have not been spared during this fasting period. A big section of Muslims in Uganda, are yet to get in terms of how to maneuver around some of the presidential directives against the spread of Covid19, in light to practicing their faith during this month of Ramathan.

In a bid to control the spread of Coronavirus disease in Uganda, President Museveni has so far issued several guidelines among which include; a semi lock-down and regulated movements. All temples of worship were barred from conducting prayers and services, so as to control crowding which in turn, may speed the spread of Covid19. To many believers of Islamic faith, this was a blow in such a way that during normal days every evening, people would gather at Mosques to break their fast, which is no longer the case.

“Most of our income-generating activities have been affected by this pandemic, hence people can no longer buy food and necessities for themselves. It’d therefore, be important for them to break their day’s fast from Mosque where food is always provided free of charge, but the current presidential directives can not allow congregating,” explained Twaha Juma the Masgid Taqwa Iman at Abaita Ababiri.

Breaking the day’s fast

Shamirah Nampeera one of the residents of Kitooro in Entebbe Municipality says, most of the pillars of Islam, can not be fulfilled both locally and internationally due to the global pandemic. “This has been a great test for our faith, regardless of which religious affiliation,” Nampeera states.

Fearful that religious gatherings could increase infections, many governments and religious authorities in Muslim-majority countries have sharply curtailed Ramadan services and communal feasts. The Saudis have indefinitely closed Mecca, Islam’s holiest city, to pilgrims from around the world. In normal years, several million Muslim worshippers travel there during the month of Ramadan to do special penance.

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