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G20 pushed to stop Wild-life trade

By Resty Nasaazi

G20 must ban wildlife trade to prevent future pandemics and protect animals.

Cruel multi-billion-dollar businesses have been exploiting wild animals on an industrial global scale and we are now all seeing the true cost of that. This pandemic isn’t just about wild animals being sold for food. It’s much bigger than that, it’s about greed and the commodification of wild animals at every level” Tennyson Williams, Country Director World Animal Protection.


As the world grapples with the effects of covid19 that has claimed many lives and also affecting economies, World Animal Protection has  launched a campaign calling for an end to wildlife trade.

The campaign targets G-20 leaders and the European  Union to support a permanent wildlife trade ban in order to protect wildlife and prevent future Zoonotic pandemics.

Edith Kabasiime, a manager at World Animal Protection in Uganda says, if the G20 countries  are pushed to stop wildlife trade, the world shall be free of the pandemics that break out now and then due man’s closeness to wild animals.

Kabasiime stresses that wild animals are meant to be in wild not for keeps in people’s homes as pets and zoos for entertainment.

Edith Kabasiime manager Wild Animal Protection.

“If we don’t purchase exotic pets or traditional medicine that contains wild animal products, and don’t visit venues with performing animals, we will send a clear message that wildlife cruelty is no longer tolerable – for the animals, our health and the planet,” Kabesiime urges.

She believes that once the superpower economies stop dealing in wildlife trade, other small countries will fall suit and thus there’s urgent need to persuade the G20 to take steps towards implementing a global wildlife ban.

Wildlife trade.

Pangolins are believed to be the world’s most trafficked mammals worldwide accounting for as much as 20% of illegal wildlife trade. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature – IUCN more than a million pangolins were poached prior to 2014.

In addition between 2 – 5million wild birds and more so parrots are also  traded illegally, every year. Others still under illegal wildlife trade are turtles, snakes ,crocodiles and other reptiles.

Each year, millions of wild animals are captured from their natural habitats and bred in cruel captive conditions to be traded around the world as pets.

Covid19 Origin

The  standing research at hand states that coronavirus is believed to have originated from a wet market in Wuhan, China, where wild animals were sold. Science suggests the virus came from bats, and moved to humans via an intermediary animal, potentially a pangolin – a scaly anteater like animal and most illegally traded mammal in the world.

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