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Floating Island halts business at Gerenge landing site


Apr 28, 2020

Business at Gerenge fishing landing site has been halted following a floating island that blocked the docking areas .

The fishing community laments that its coming to 2 weeks since this floating island occupied their landing site.

“We thought the first one that came would be blown away by the winds but it’s unfortunate that instead the winds brought in another bigger floating island that totally blocked the landing site denying fishermen access to the lake” narrates Daniel Naika.

A section of the floating island.

The fishing community draws their domestic water from  the lake but this has also become hard for them – Naika says the island has soiled the water making it unfit for use.

Katabi town council mayor Ronald Kalema noted that they have no capacity as a town council to excavate the floating island  because their budget limited and thus forwarded the matter to  Wakiso district.


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