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Entebbe Municipality to have fully-tarmacked road network by 2030


Jan 31, 2020
Vincent Kayanja the Entebbe municipality mayor, during the construction of Busambaga road

Holding the current factors constant, all roads in Entebbe municipality will be tarmacked by 2030, according to Brian Kabunga the acting municipal engineer. Entebbe municipality has a road network of 120km out of which, around 40km have been tarmacked since 2012, leaving a remainder of 80km. Kabunga contends that, construction and tarmacking of roads within the municipality has always been financed by remittances from the Uganda Road Fund. “Depending on the amount of money which has always been remitted on quarterly basis, we project that by around 2030, all roads in the municipality shall be tarmacked,” remarked Kabunga.

Church road is one of the roads that has given a decorative outlook to Entebbe municipality

According to Vincent Kayanja the Entebbe municipality mayor, more 2.6km of Busambaga road, will be tarmacked before the end of June this year. “It will be constructed in two phases where the first phase shall include all stages of drainage and a double-seal tarmac whereas the second phase will mainly cover walk-ways and lighting,” explained Kayanja. The municipality mayor clarified about the two layers of tarmac, saying the road is used among others, military vehicles as they head to and from the army barracks located at Katabi-Busambaga cell. “These are usually heavy vehicles and often carry heavy load which may easily damage the road, hence we decided to use two seals,” added Kayanja.

Tarmacking of Busambaga road is expected to be complete before the end of June
Whereas the first phase of Busambaga road will cost Sh1.1b, the second phase is estimated to cost Sh1.5b. Kabunga the acting engineer said, no private company was contracted, hence all the construction works shall be implemented and supervised by the municipal authority. Other roads which have so far been tarmacked using finances from the Uganda road fund include, Circular road, Sewabuga road, Bugonga road, resort road, among other maintenance works of Buwaya rise and Post office areas.
The municipal acting engineer pointed out the previous rains, as a main challenge which had stalled the construction works. “We also met some resistance from people who had constructed houses in road reserves but they later agreed to demolish their installations to pave way for the road construction,” explained Kabunga.
Other funding
Entebbe was listed among the municipalities slated to start operating under city status in the year 2023. This implies, there shall be a magnified funding towards infrastructure in Uganda’s gateway. Government through the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MoLHUD), launched a program to support the special urban needs for infrastructure improvement, termed as Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) Program, which is supported by World Bank.

Expansion of Entebbe expressway has eased flow of traffic from the Airport to other parts of the country without going through the capital as the case has always been

Entebbe Municipal Council received funding under the program where it undertook rehabilitation of Church road 2.072km, Fulu road 0.17km, Basudde rise 0.32km and Nyondo close 0.13km. Phase one of the project cost over Sh9b before it was commissioned in 2016. Other roads which were upgraded include, Gabunga, Lutwama, Serumaga and Mwawula road all totaling to 0.877km.

The second batch of funds under USMID, was the renovation of Kitoro taxi park which is still ongoing. After the successful implementation of the first phase, government received additional US$360m to implement the second phase of the programme for the next five years which started with fiscal year 2018/2019

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