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Entebbe Leaders quizzed on Emyoga initiative

ByResty Nasaazi

Nov 16, 2021

Minister Kyeyune Haruna Kasolo questioned leaders in Entebbe municipality for failing to convince people on emyoga initiatives

Minister said this at Entebbe municipality on his research about the SACCOs that got emyoga money to see how they used them. Kasolo  got shocked after finding out that many circles that were formed were not registered to get emyoga money, a thing that annoyed him and asked leaders to explain  why the delays were there.

” It hurts me to see that many SACCOs have not yet received money yet I have the  money for them” Said Kasolo.

Kasolo ordered the concerned leaders  to step out of their offices, meet people in their localities and convince them to make SACCOS so as to access the  funds that are still at hand, he however, threatened to arrest SACCO leaders who embezzled the funds that were meant for all members  in their respective SACCOS in different circles who got the money and spent them in their own businesses instead of lending them to members in the circle to develop themselves.

The SACCO leaders have been empowered  to take full charge of their  SACCOS that have previously  been manipulated by the some officers at Entebbe municipal council – Full powers in regard to the SACCOS were withdrawn from the office of the Residential District Commissioner (RDC) and  the municipal commercial officer who are directly involved in ensuring that all the registered SACCOS  get the emyoga funds.

The RDC of Entebbe municipality Noor Njuki Mbabali defended himself saying that they have tried to sensitize people on the emyoga initiative and encouraged them to do as required but there’s still a lot of disorganization amongst many associations  that have failed to  form SACCOs in addition to some individuals that have politicized the initiative.

Out of the Thirty six SACCO groups  in the Entebbe municipality only Twenty eight have so far got the SACCO funds from both Divisions A and B that make the municipality.


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