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Entebbe Hospital suspends general admissions to create room for Covid19 Patients

Following a spike in the Covid19 cases in the country, the management of Entebbe regional referral hospital has again suspended all inpatient admissions in order to create room for the escalating Covid19 cases. After a Monday meeting with the management and staff, Dr. Moses Muwanga the hospital director said, patients are increasing day by day which served a decision by the health ministry to suspend all other admissions and reserve the wards for Covid19 patients. However, the hospital will continue handling outpatients with all kinds of clinical illnesses.
A lady looking stranded outside the gates of Entebbe hospital after inpatient general cases were suspended from the health faility to create space for Covid19 patients
“Whereas the hospital can accommodate up to 130 patients, we shall allow only those who’ll have been referred from other health facilities or those from our surveillance team,” explained Dr. Muwanga.
According to Muhammad Mubiru the senior hospital administrator, there were 63 Covid19 patients by Monday, 15 of whom were in critical condition. Only six Covid-19 patients were remaining in Entebbe hospital at the beginning of May 2021.
The medical facility had consequently re-opened doors for general illnesses due to the (then) decreasing number of Covid-19 patients. However, by May 27, the hospital was overwhelmed with Covid19 cases, which has since compelled the suspension of inpatient admissions.
When several countries had started registering Covid19 cases in months that preceded March 2020, the ministry of health requested the management of Entebbe regional referral hospital to identify health workers and space in the main hospital to manage and act as an isolation site since the designated isolation unit was still under renovation.
Initially, the management had agreed to suspend private wing services and use the 20-bed capacity private wing for handling Covid19 cases. The 20-bed space became full, hence closing off other sections like the radiology department until the whole facility was later turned into a reserve for Covid19 cases.
Several patients visiting Entebbe hospital were turned back after the medical facility suspended inpatient admissions in order to create room for Covid19 cases

The preparation also involved modification and repairing some sections in the hospital to ensure that wards meet the isolation site standards. For over one year, the hospital handled only Covid19 cases, save for isolated cases of animal bites.

Previously known as Entebbe grade B, the health facility was elevated to a status of regional referral hospital. Entebbe hospital used to receive 200 patients everyday on average before it was reserved for Covid19 cases. “And those were exclusive of special clinics such as HIV, Diabetes, sickle cell, TB clinics among others which only used to come up on particular days,” explained a source at the facility. Being a regional referral hospital, people from most islands within lake Victoria, have always sought treatment from the same hospital.

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