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Entebbe Elderly get Food relief as Mayor lashes out to National Task force


Apr 22, 2020

Over 20days  spent indoors following the presidential directive to curb the spread of Covid19, elderly persons in Entebbe Municipality have received food donation. Through the mayor’s office, Joel Kawooya a clearing agent, donated 1,600Kg of Maize Flour and 600Kg of Sugar. Vincent Kayanja, the Entebbe municipality mayor lauded Kawooya, saying the relief items come at a right time when the municipality has not been thought of, by the national task-force which is charged with distributing food among other relief items.

Kayanja said, distribution of such food and relief items ought to be decentralised in order to make the work easy and quick. “Do those people sitting at the national task force, think they’re angels? They are carrying out the distribution work at a very slow pace yet people continue languishing from their houses for lacking what to eat,” lambasted Kayanja.

While flagging off the food to the beneficiary homes, Nuhu Njuki the Entebbe RDC, who also heads the area’s covid19 response task-force team, cautioned residents on politicising the food relief exercises. He explained that the food relief is going to be distributed through Health Nest Uganda a non government organisation in Entebbe that looks after the welfare of the elderly, with help of Uganda Redcross-Entebbe branch.

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