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Dr. Aceng clarifies on Covid19 deaths after vaccination

Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng the minister designate for the ministry of health clarified on the widespread information suggesting that the increase in Covid19 cases and subsequent deaths is as a result of taking the vaccination jab before testing for Covid19. Information on a spectrum of media outlets alleges that the increase in Covid19 deaths has been as a result of positive persons taking a Covid19 vaccination jab, which is purported to increase the viral load in one’s body.

HE: Jules Armand Aniambossou (left) the French ambassador to Uganda with minister designate for health ministry Jane Ruth Aceng at the NMS in Entebbe after receiving the 175,200 doses of AstraZeneca

However, Dr. Aceng refuted the allegations as falsehoods saying, there has not been a single case of anyone dying as a result of vaccination. According to the minister designate, there have been instances where people have tested positive for Covid19 after vaccination because they were already in line of acquiring the virus which only shows up after getting vaccinated.


She further explained that the human body needs over fourteen days for the vaccine to start taking effect. “The vaccine can not even prevent you from getting infected. It only prevents severe disease and hospitalisation. So, many of the people who have been vaccinated, can still get Covid19 but may not get severe disease. It is therefore not necessary to test before getting vaccination,” explained Dr. Aceng.


The minister designate made the remarks while receiving a third consignment of Covid19 vaccines which was donated to Uganda by the French government though the Covax facility. The consignment which contained 175,200 doses of Astrazeneca vaccines were handed to Dr. Aceng by France’s ambassador to Uganda at a brief ceremony held at the National Medical Stores (NMS) in Entebbe.

NMS staff delivering the latest consignment of AstraZeneca

While handing over the vaccines, ambassador Jules-Armand Aniambossou noted that 44 African countries have so far gained from 24 million doses donated by the Covax facility. “These doses are intended to accelerate the vaccination of priority personnel such as health workers as well as most vulnerable populations. France will donate at least 30 million doses of various vaccines by the end of 2021,” intimated ambassador Aniambossou.


The latest consignment brings to a total of 1,139,200 COVID-19 doses received by Uganda since March 2021. According to Dr. Aceng, out of the 964,000 doses of vaccines received by Uganda, 869,915 people have been vaccinated.


Muni Safieldin, the UNICEF representative revealed that Uganda is expecting an extra 688,000 doses “very soon.” He advised Ugandans to continue observing the Standard Operating Procedures saying, it’s the main vaccine that every Ugandan can afford.


From left; Minister designate Jane Ruth Aceng, Muni Safieldin (the UNICEF representative), Dr. Medard Bitekyerezo (board chair NDA) Moses Kamabare the NMS executive director and Alex Kimbalu who represented the country director for World Health Organisation at the National Medical Stores in Entebbe

Barbara Nel, the AstraZeneca country president for Africa said, more than 76.7 million doses have so far been delivered to 127 countries across the globe. “All partners in the vaccine alliance are working round the clock to ensure that as many COVID-19 vaccines can get to African nations as soon as possible,” she added.

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