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Discovering our different Emotional needs Part IV


Jun 13, 2021

A woman’s brain has a 10% thicker connecting cord between the left and right lobes and up to 30% more connections. That’s how she can walk, talk, and apply lipstick at the same time. On the other hand, men’s brains are compartmentalised . That’s why they can only concentrate on one thing at a time.


A woman can do several unrelated things at the same time, and her brain is never disengaged. She can talk on a telephone and at the same time as cooking a new recipe and watching television. Or she can drive a car, put on make-up, and listen to the radio while talking on a hands-free telephone.


Because women use both sides of their brain, many find it difficult to tell their left hand from their right. As a result, women allover the world are criticised by men for telling them to turn right- when they really meant left. If a man is cooking a recipe and you talk to him, he is likely to become angry because he can’t follow the written instruction and listen at the same time.


If a man is shaving and you talk to him, he’ll cut himself. If he’s hammering and the doorbell rings, he’ll hit his thumb. If you talk to him when he’s driving, he’ll miss the turn off.

Every Man’s Nightmare…

Barbara and Allan were getting ready to go to a cocktail party. Barbara had bought a new dress and wanted to look her best. She held up two pairs of shoes, one blue, one gold. Then she asked Allan the question that all men fear; “Darling, which should I wear with this dress?”


A cold chill ran down Allan’s back. He knew, he was in trouble. “Ahh…umm…whichever you like sweetheart,” he stammered. “Come on Allan,” she said, impatiently. “Which looks better…. blue or gold?”  “Gold!” he replied, nervously. “So, what’s wrong with the blue?” she asked. “You’ve never liked them! I paid a fortune for them and you hate them, don’t you?”


Allan’s shoulders slumped, “If you don’t want my opinion Barbara, don’t ask!” he said. He thought he’d been asked to fix a problem but, when he solved it, she wasn’t at all grateful. Barbara, however, was using a typical female speech trait: indirect speech.


She’d already decided which shoes she was going to wear and didn’t want another opinion; she wanted confirmation that she looked good.

The ‘Blue or Gold Shoes’ Strategy

If a woman asks ‘blue or gold,’ when selecting shoes, it’s important that a man does not give an answer. Instead, he should ask, “Have you chosen a pair darling?” Most women are taken aback by this approach most men they know immediately state a preference.



From the excerpts of “One Thing a Man do and a Woman can not stop Talking,” by Allan and Barbara Peas

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