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May 23, 2021

Men Don’t see the Details

Lyn and Cris are driving home from a party. He’s driving, she’s navigating and they’ve just had an argument about her telling him to turn left when she really meant right. Nine minutes of silence has passed and he suspects something is up.

“Darling…..is everything Ok?” asks Chris. “Yes- everything’s fine!” Lyn answers. Her emphasis on the word ‘fine’ confirms that things are actually not fine. “Did I do something wrong tonight?” asks Chris. “I don’t want to talk about,” she snaps.

This means she’s angry and wants to talk about it. Meanwhile, he’s at a complete loss to understand what he’s done to upset her. In most conversations like this one, the man is telling the truth- he simply doesn’t understand the problem. “Ok then,” she says, “I’ll tell you the problem even though you’re playing that dumb act!”

But it’s not act. He genuinely doesn’t have a handle on the problem. She takes a deep breath. “That bimbo was hanging around you all night, giving you come-on signals- and you encouraged her!” Now Chris is completely dumbstruck.

What bimbo? What come-on signals? He didn’t see anything! You see; while the bimbo had been talking to him, he hadn’t noticed that she was tilting her pelvis at him, flicking her hair, giving him longer than usual glances, stroking the stem of her wine glass and talking like a school-girl.

He’s a hunter. He doesn’t have a woman’s ability to pick up the visual, vocal and body language signals that say someone’s on the make. Every woman at the party saw what the bimbo was doing even without moving their heads. And a telepathic ‘bitch alert’ was sent and received by all other women at the party. Most of the men missed it completely.

So, when a man claims he is telling the truth about these accusations, he probably is. Male brains are not equipped to hear or see details.


To be continued…

From excerpts of ‘One Thing A Man can do, and a Woman can not stop talking..’

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