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Report: Crime rates committed per District

ByResty Nasaazi

Apr 14, 2021

The 200-page annual crime report 2019 released last week paints a clearer picture of the prevalence and trends of petty and violent crime in the country. The report shows some double-digit increases in crime. At the same time, other types of violent and petty crime fell in 2019.

According to the report, surprisingly 54.7% (117,903) of all crimes committed in 2019 were in rural areas or villages, 41.3% (88,944) were committed in urban centres while 4% (8,377) were committed along the highways. Defilements, thefts, burglaries, rape and murders are more rampant in rural areas while robbery, common assaults and aggravated assaults are common in urban areas.

According to the report, 25.8% of the cases reported in 2019 were due to theft (55,704 cases) compared to 61,533 reported in 2018 giving a 9.4% decrease. In its analysis, the report found that thieves are more at ease marauding in far off policing jurisdictions than in Kampala Metropolitan Areas.

Graded by region, Rwizi recorded the highest number of theft cases, 4,467, followed by Kampala Metropolitan Police, KMP North 3,556, Greater Masaka 3,510, KMP East, 3,468, North Kyoga, 2,987, West Nile, 2,550, Albertine, 2,310, Rwenzori West, 2,252, Bukedi 2,099.

Graded by district, Mbarara topped the rankings with 1,270 cases, followed by Arua 1,258, Katwe Division 1,189, Lira 1,123, Kiruhura 1,085, Mukono Division 1,060, Luweero, 918, Old Kampala Division, 889, Mbale 820, CPS Kampala Division, 816.

According to the report, by the end of 2019, 25,639 cases were taken to court, securing 8,684 convictions and 409 acquittals. About 4,371 cases were dismissed. About 12,174 cases were still pending in court while 18,080 cases were still under inquiry.

And 5,630 cases of mobile phone thefts were reported in 2019 compared to 6,205 reported in 2018, giving a decrease of 9.2%. Ranked by region, KMP South recorded the highest number of mobile phone thefts at 651 followed by KMP North (580), West Nile (496), KMP East (457), Rwizi (319), North Kyoga (308), Greater Masaka (288), Elgon (203), Kigezi (196), Albertine (194).

About 1,147 motor vehicles were reported stolen in 2019 compared to 1,200 in 2018. Broken down by district/division, Katwe Division had the highest number of vehicles stolen, 78, in total followed by  Kira Road Division (71),Kawempe Division (65), Kabalagala Division (61), CPS Kampala Division (55), Old Kampala Division (54), Jinja Road Division (50), Mukono Division (42), Wandegeya Division (38), Mbale (36), giving a 4.4% decrease. In all about 472 vehicles were stolen in Kampala policing divisions.

About 3.2% of all crimes reported in 2019 were a result of rape (1,528 cases) compared to 1,580 reported in 2018, giving a decrease of 3.2%. A total of 1,531 women were raped. And 688 suspects of rape were charged in court, 20 were convicted, six acquitted, 15 discharged while 647 were still awaiting trial.

Mbarara recorded the highest number of rape cases at (49), Kabale (31), Kapchorwa (31), Kira Division (29), Mbale (28), Mayuge (27), Isingiro (25), Tororo (24), Masaka (24), Arua, (23).

In 2019, 13,613 cases of defilement were also reported to police compared to 15,366 in 2018, giving 11.4% decrease. By the end of the year, 5,732 cases were taken to court, and 1,021 convictions secured. Sixty nine suspects were acquitted and 474 cases dismissed. About 4,168 cases were still pending in court.

Mbale, according to rankings, recorded the highest number of defilement cases, 317 in total followed by Kamuli (274), Lira (197), Arua (191), Tororo (190), Mukono Division (177), Iganga (175), Masaka (171), Mayuge (169) and, Dokolo (167).

 Domestic Violence

About 13,693 cases were reported in 2019 compared to 13,916 reported in 2018. Domestic violence is mainly caused by dispute over family property, failure to provide for family, drug and alcohol abuse, and cases of infidelity.

A total of 1,390 cases were taken to court. The most number of domestic violence cases were reported at Old Kampala Division, 449, Lira, 399, Amuria, 375, Sembabule 364, Jinja, 327, Gulu, 311, Tororo, 306, Busia, 278, Rubirizi, 272, Agago 261.

Some districts/divisions did not register any case of domestic violence. These include; Koboko, Bunyangabu, Amolatar, Kakumiro, Kumi, Kazo, Obongi, Kakiri Division, Bundibugyo, Kitagwenda, Madi Okolo and CPS Kampala Division.

Economic Crimes (Private Sector Fraud)

In the period under review, 6.1% of all crimes reported were a result of Economic crimes (13,264 cases), compared to 15,099 cases reported in 2018.

The classification includes; Obtaining by false pretenses (10,598 cases reported in 2019), forgeries and uttering of documents (911), counterfeiting (394), issuing false cheques (320), Cyber (computer) crimes (248), embezzlement (194), abuse of office (109), causing financial loss (62), bank and other corporate frauds (33).

CPS Kampala Division recorded the highest number of economic crimes at 708, Kamuli, 325, Katwe Division, 287, Old Kampala Division, 282, Jinja Road Division, 280,  Lira, 258, Mukono Division, 239, Luweero, 232, Kabalagala Division, 206, Kapchorwa, 203.

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