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Covid19: Recovered Dubai returnee and Wife narrate ordeal


May 2, 2020

By Harriet Asingura

Just one month while working as chef in one of the hotels in Dubai, Francis Mugyenyi was withdrawn and deported back to Uganda, after Covid19 pandemic had started hitting the middle east countries. He was among the last group of people who returned to Uganda before Entebbe airport was closed to incoming passenger flights.
Minister Robina Nabbanja (left) receiving certificates of recovered patients, from Dr. Christopher Nsereko of Entebbe hospital
Dubai returnee infects pregnant wife
After a few days, Mugyenyi’s body temperatures kept shooting up. He developed a terrible cough, headache and flu. “Suspicious of having acquired the deadly disease, i became so guilty to the thought of having spread the same to my wife,” recalls Mugyenyi. He went ahead to narrate of how he contacted the ministry of health. “They came and took my samples for testing, and picked me the following day after results had returned positive,” added Mugyenyi.
After he was taken to Entebbe referral hospital for treatment, medics and officials from the ministry of health went and collected samples from Mugyenyi’s other family members including a pregnant wife plus a toddler. Mugyenyi’s wife Joan Nambooze had also tested positive. “I had gotten to the thought of having no money and losing my Dubai job, but i could not stand the thought of having infected my own wife,” Mugyenyi expressed.
Woman delivers healthy baby after a cesarean operation

The 22-year old Nambooze was the only pregnant lady to have suffered the pandemic in East Africa, making her case a special one. Dr. Christopher Nsereko the head of case management suggested that Dr. Emmanuel Rwamutwe and Dr. Angrew Menya were in a better position to take up the case. However, there was not so much data for Rwamutwe and his team to refer to, since there were very few pregnant ladies world over who had contracted the virus.

“The mother also had a fresh scar from her previous operation which would expose her to rapture in case she was allowed to deliver normally,” intimated Dr. Menya. Speaking reservedly about their client, the two doctors noted that the delivering mother was well protected against any possible infections, and likewise all the medics who were handling her case.

Nambooze narrates
After she was discharged from Entebbe hospital on Tuesday, Nambooze a mother of two describes her predicament as the scariest situation of her entire life. By the time her husband had left for Dubai, Nambooze had quit the hair-dressing job, to nurse her mature pregnancy. “It was heart-wrecking to learn about his deportation but i could put up with it, given he was still alive. However, the worst moment came, after he had been diagnosed with Covid19, a disease which had already claimed thousands of lives across the globe,” expressed Nambooze.
A team of medics and support staff at Entebbe hospital, who are handling Covid19 patients
Earlier studies had not shown any proof of transmitting Covid19 from mother to baby through breast-feeding. “We took the same risk and allowed the mother cuddle and breast-feed her new-born as we continued studying their condition and situation,” remarked Dr. Rwamutwe. Before being discharged, the newly born, had been subjected to four medical tests which all confirmed that she was negative of Covid19.
Couple calls out for help

“I was left with no single coin to start up a new life. Am appealing to all well-wishers, to run to our help and also call upon all my friends not to run away from my family because we feel and believe that we are healed,” cried out Mugyenyi before the couple was taken back to their residence in Kyengera, Wakiso district.

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