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Can a person with allergy able to get covid19 vaccine?

ByResty Nasaazi

Apr 20, 2021

The Covid-19 vaccines are finally here. And while they signify hope for so many people, others aren’t so enthusiastic about getting them.

Among those who might be in the skeptical camp are people who have allergies.

For those who are managing allergies daily, it can be a little worrisome to hear that some people have experienced allergic reactions after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, especially if they have a history of severe reactions themselves. If you’re in this boat, you might feel like you should give the COVID-19 vaccine a hard pass.

Reasons to avoid the vaccine
It’s recommended that if you’ve had an allergic reaction any of the ingredients in the vaccine, you should not get it. If you had an allergic reaction to the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, the CDC doesn’t recommend getting the second dose. But overall, having allergies doesn’t exclude you from getting the vaccine

What could be causing allergic reactions
It is believed that Covid-19-related allergic reactions are related to polyethylene glycol (PEG), an ingredient in the vaccines,” says Dr. Lang. Whether some of the reactions are occurring via another mechanism is unclear at this time.

How vaccination myths can cause hesitation
It’s understandable that hearing about allergic reactions to Covid-19 vaccines can make people slightly uneasy.

Only those with a known allergy to PEG or another vaccine ingredient should consider not getting vaccinated for COVID-19. And if you have an allergic reaction after the first shot, you shouldn’t get the second shot.

If you’ve had a severe allergic reaction to another vaccine or injectable medication — or have experienced anaphylaxis from any cause — you can still receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

However, your vaccination should be followed by a 30-minute observation period in a setting where personnel, equipment and supplies are present to manage anaphylaxis if needed.

Patients with allergies to other medications, foods or inhalants can receive the COVID-19 vaccine with normal precautions.


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