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Businessman accused of planning to evict fishermen to establish army detachment


Feb 12, 2021
Fishermen and women operating from Kigungu landing site in Entebbe municipality, accuse businessman Herbert Mwesige for trying to evacuate them so as to have an army detachment established. Led by John Ndugga the councillor for Kigungu central, residents said Mwesige first attempted to evict them in 2019 but failed. “This time, he wants to hide behind establishing a base for the Local Defense Unit (LDU) as an easy way of having us displaced, then he finds a prospective buyer for this land,” Ndugga said.
Micheal Kakembo (wearing red shirt) explaining to residents of Kigungu
Richard Sekyondo the Entebbe municipality deputy mayor said, Mwesige has severally claimed to own the landing site but failed to produce any land title supporting his claim. “This land in question, is situated less than 100 metres from lake Victoria. So, we want the claimant to show the land title which he managed to acquire in such a vicinity, before he can think of evicting fishermen who dock their boats in this area,” Sekyondo stated.
On the other hand, Samuel Kamya the area Chairperson said, residents and fishermen for long, have recognised Mwesige as their landlord. “If he now wants to use his land for other ventures, the best option would be, for residents to find an amicable way of talking to him so that he leaves a certain portion for them to dock boats,” advised Kamya. The chairman’s statements ignited fishermen who began hulling all kinds of insults before chasing him out of the meeting which had been held on Thursday evening
When contacted, Herbert Mwesige in fury, declined to give a detailed comment, only saying the piece of land is his, and therefore was free to use it as he so wished. A pit latrine was seen raised on the same land, less than five metres away from the lake. According to the fishermen, the latrine was dug by Mwesige, to be used by the LDU soldiers as they camp on the land.
The pit latrine which has been constructed less than five metres away from the lake
However, Maj. George Kazaara the commander of LDU confirmed that Mwesige wrote to him requesting for security to be beefed up in areas of Kigungu. “He attached a photocopy of his land title onto the letter which he wrote to me but I also advised him to follow all other necessary channels before we can establish our base there,” explained Maj. Kazaara. The LDU boss noted that he can not establish a detachment on a contested piece of land. “We have to first agree with locals and leaders before making such a move,” added Maj. Kazaara as he distanced himself from matters of evicting people.
Micheal Kakembo the MP elect for Entebbe municipality promised to follow-up on the said land title reportedly owned by Mwesige, saying, president Museveni recently ordered for the cancellation of private titles in wetlands. “We may find that Mwesige is still having a land title which is among the 3000 that were recently canceled. He should therefore produce his title to Entebbe municipality authorities and present the intended plans for using this shoreline,” expressed Kakembo.
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