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Buganda Government distributes free Condoms in Fight against HIV/AIDS

ByDiana Kibuuka

Apr 12, 2021

This was during the “Kyoto” – (Round fire talks) arrangements  through out the Kingdom counties that aimed  at sensitising youths about HIV/AIDS.  The Kabaka as an HIV/AIDS UN ambassador on the African continent chose this  year’s birthday celebrations theme to be “Youth at the lead in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

A youth found at a construction site receives condom boxes from Robert Kimuli a Kingdom servant in Kitala- Katabi

Apart from the “Kyoto” talks there was free distribution of condoms to emphasize  the safe sex strategy amongst the sexually active youth.

According to current reports from public health, 170,000 youth are living with HIV and if no bigger and strategic interventions  are  made the number may increase because youth are still vulnerable to the epidemic.

In close talks with some of the youth, they revealed that they lack proper information about HIV/AIDS, poverty that drags them into compromised situations plus scarcity of condoms as key challenges to fighting  this vice.


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