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Br.Innocent adds value to “Katunkuma” – Bitter berries.


Jul 18, 2020 ,

When churches were closed due to covid19, Br. Innocent Kaleebi from Buyege Parish resorted to utilise the lockdown time into something useful and profitable.

Br.Innocent Kaleebi showing the sun drier which he uses in the production of his Bitter Berry products.

He is an upcoming food processor under Buyege Food Products a parish company. He has  specialized in adding value to the Bitter berries locally known as Katunkuma in Luganda . He processes the plant into two final products; Katunkuma Kaawa and Powdered Katunkuma, where he adds no preservative.

Sun and pan frying are key steps into the production of the tea beverage – Katunkuma Kaawa while Steaming and sun drying are the steps taken to have the final product of the Powdered Katunkuma that is added into foods ready to eat.

Both products go through grinding to  turn them into powder form for packing and later finding their way to the market.

Br. Innocent says his products have relieved him of hypertension and ulcers amongst other many health benefits and therefore saw it important to share it out in a commercialised way – where he sells a packed  tin at Five thousand shillings – 5000=.


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