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Aviation Passengers forging Covid-19 results

Dr. James Eyul the head of port health at Entebbe airport revealed that aviation passengers especially those coming from abroad, forge Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) results of Covid-19, to portray their results as being negative. Upon resumption of passenger flights on October 1, five passengers reportedly faulted the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) when three of them presented fake results where two had not taken the test prior boarding the aircraft. “We have a QR app on our mobile phones, which we use to authenticate all the results presented to us,” noted Dr. Ejul.

Some of the returnees upon landing at Entebbe Airport

“We put all of them in a van and were escorted to an isolation facility from where another test was done and two of them found to be positive,” further intimated Dr. Ejul. This was confirmed by Eng. Ayub Sooma the director for airports and aviation security saying, people who default SOPs face arrest as directed by the president. This was revealed on Thursday when a technical inter-sectoral committee on Covid-19 was inspecting Entebbe airport for onspot assessment and remodeling plans.

Eng. Ayub Sooma (in grey suit) the director for airport safety and security leading a team of inter-sectoral committee on Covid-19 while touring Entebbe Airport

Led by Maj. Gen. Geofrey Muheesi, the committee toured Entebbe airport and commended the remodeling works of the airport aimed at observing Covid-19 SOPs. “As a country, Uganda has performed beyond expectations, in a fight against Covid-19 and am glad to learn that 1,000 people use Entebbe airport on a daily basis since passenger flights resumed,” said Maj. Gen. Muheesi. “Passengers coming from outside tend to get over excited upon landing, and forget to observe SOPs but airport officials are taking the fight seriously. We are greatly impressed,” added the chairman technical inter Sectoral committee on Covid-19.

According to Mr. Emmanuel Barungi the Ag. general manager for Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA), departing passengers are required to report to the airport four hours prior to their flight departure time in order to enable health screening procedures on addition to presenting authentic and valid PCR test certificates issued within 120 hours before travel. On the other hand, arriving passengers are required to present a PCR test certificate within 72 hours before boarding any aircraft inbound to Uganda.

The technical inter-sectoral committee on Covid-19 inspecting Entebbe Airport

Meanwhile, Mr. Vianney Luggya the UCAA Public affairs manager earlier said, on the first day (October 1), 1,362 passengers were recorded, out of whom, 761 were arriving whereas 601 were departing. “And on the second day, we recorded 1,483 passengers, 848 of whom were arriving and 635 were departing,” Mr. Luggya stated earlier.

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