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Airport Staff receive donation of 31,500 masks as Passenger Traffic increases

Upon the resumption of passenger flights in October last year, over 1,300 workers employed under Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) and nearly 4,000 others employed by different agencies, took back to their jobs at Entebbe international Airport, working as frontline workers in different departments. This called for increased protective gear and Sanitizer among other Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA).

Several organisations and entities continue to provide donations to the Airport frontline workers in a fight against the spread of Covid-19. On Wednesday, proprietors of Kapeeka Industrial park led by the managing director Zhang Hao donated 31,500 masks to UCAA staff.

UCAA acting Director General Mr. Fred Bamwesigye (right) welcoming Mr. Zhang Hao the Managing director for Kapeeka Industrial Park

During the handover ceremony which was held at Entebbe airport VIP boardroom, Mr. Zhang noted that all the masks had been procured from local firms in Uganda in the spirit of promoting local investment and market. He lauded the UCAA management for having put in place all the necessary avenues to fight the spread of Covid-19.

Mr. Fred Bamwesigye the UCAA Acting Director General appreciated the support from proprietors of Kapeeka industrial park, saying, the safety of passengers and users of Entebbe airport facilities is key, especially now that the passenger figures are starting to steadily increase.

“The authority is highly appreciative of this support which will go a long way in protecting the Frontline workers at Entebbe airport,” remarked Mr. Bamwesigye.

Passengers, Cargo increasing

At the resumption of operations in October 2020, the daily average passengers per month was about 1,600 in October, 1,700 in November and 1,900 in December. In January this year, Entebbe airport registered an average of 1,868 passengers per day which number has increased to 2,194 per day, in February.

Entebbe International Airport

According to Mr. Bamwesigye, while passenger figures are still low in comparison to the daily average of about 5,400 in 2019 prior to the advent of Covid-19, it is certainly worth clapping about in light of the global situation in the Aviation industry.

“In relation to February 2021, Entebbe recorded 26,904 arriving passengers, 31,084 departing passengers, 3,448 in transit plus 1,738 metric tonnes of imports and 3,028 metric tonnes of Exports,” intimated Mr. Bamwesigye adding that, “the silver lining to the dark cloud lies in the fact that cargo operations rose from 42,000 metric tonnes  handled in 2019 to 58,000 metric tonnes of cargo in 2020 inspite of the pandemic.”

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